My Sister’s Keeper

We’re celebrating Black History Month! Join us for “My Sister’s Keeper” on Saturday, February 25th at 4pm at Westridge Place Apartments Clubhouse, 100 Donner Dr, Salisbury NC. We will have a panel discussion about financial literacy, group economics, and community development. Also there will be local female business owners vending their products at the event so, bring your dollars to circulate!  Photo Source: Createher Stock

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Chat Cafe – My Sister’s Keeper Part 2

The Vine Events Chat CafeYesterday, we hosted our first The Vine Events Chat Cafe. Focusing on “trust”, we continued our discussion about why some women can’t get along with one another. We addressed three areas shared by our Facebook Fan Discussion that have the potential to shape our perspectives and therefore influence our trust.

1. Traditional Teachings – One of our Facebook Fans, kicked off our online discussion by challenging women to evaluate their ideologies. Her challenge introduced our first trust influence “traditional teachings”. Our Chat attendee, Kay Wright, shared her experience of growing up in the Christian Church and witnessing first hand how women were not allowed to serve in certain capacities. The double standard between men and women reflected for her that women could not be trusted to perform various duties.

2. Society – Another Facebook Fan made known the influence of “society”. She presented that women at an early age have to deal with cliques and social pressures. Chat guest, Michael Cross, took it a step further and explained how just recently more athletic opportunities are available for young ladies to work together as a team. Previously, most opportunities were only individual activities where they had to compete against each other. He believes the team concept encourages individuals to work together for shared success; teaching them skills needed to positively interact with one another. Other guest also shared examples of personal experiences with societal divides (cliques) and how it impacted their level of trust for others.

3. Baggage – Several Facebook Fans revealed that insecurities cause some women not to trust each other because they don’t value themselves. Our Chat guest, Rita Massey, agreed with our Facebook Fans and affirmed that baggage (insecurities) prevent us from allowing people to start out with a clean slate. Being cautious is warranted however, baggage should not become a wall that prevents us from initiating relations.

We wrapped up the discussion by allowing each guest to share take home points. Chat participant, Brenda Clifton, disclosed that the conversation exposed some trust influences that she had not even considered. Discovering self worth, not succumbing to societal pressures, and dispelling false ideologies are the beginnings to improving bonds in any relationship. All attendees were on one accord about the necessity to daily renew our minds. We must change our negative thought processes that cause us not to trust one another without just cause.

Now, we want to hear from you!

Which trust influence listed has the greatest impact?

What is another trust influence that can be added as #4?

Please join our conversation and leave your reply below.

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New Beginnings-The Vine Events Chat Cafe

The Vine Events Chat CafeWith a new year comes new beginnings and The Vine Events is taking our RealTalk events to the next level. This month, we will host our first “The Vine Events Chat Cafe”.

While researching the art of conversation, we ran across the topic of conversation salons and this was our inspiration for Chat Cafe. The conversation salon was an Italian invention in the 16th century. During these gatherings, participants would discuss current events, exchange ideas, and encourage activism.

Our Chat Cafe is for individuals who are seeking a mini break from electronic communication and is interested in engaging in face-to-face dialogue. The Chat Cafe will offer the combination of great food and conversation in a cozy environment. Our chats will not only be informative but, also interactive and encourage open discussion.

So, if you’re looking to examine social issues face-to-face and not behind a user name, we invite you to join us for our monthly Chat Cafe. This will be a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and build relationships with people from diverse backgrounds.

Our first Chat Cafe will be on Saturday, January 19th at 10:00AM in Salisbury, NC. We will be continuing our discussion titled “My Sister Keeper”. Participants from our first discussion in November stated on their evaluations that they wanted to go “deeper” and address each root issue that was identified. We listened and we’re looking forward to more intriguing dialogue.

The cost of this event is $10 per person. To reserve your seat, click on the donate button below. The directions to event location will be emailed to those who RSVP so, please enter your email address on PayPal payment page. Thanks and see you there!

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Our specialty is informative events such as, Q&A parties, screening dialogues, interpersonal workshops, and community forums. We offer both face-to-face and online event designs. Contact us today for a “free” consultation for your next meeting/event.

RealTalk – My Sister’s Keeper

Thanks to everyone who attended RealTalk – “My Sister’s Keeper” Dinner Chat! The combination of great dialogue and delicious food created a memorable evening.

Many of you who did not attend have personally shared your views with us on this topic. You all expressed the importance of having this conversation and how it’s a start to healing broken relationships among women. However when given an opportunity to share your perspective on our discussion boards, many of you hid in the shadows and remained silent.

As we ponder your choice not to share the wisdom you profoundly shared privately, we asked ourselves why you chose to hide in the shadows? The situation reminds us of a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr – Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

Ladies, in order to improve our relations with each other we must come out of the shadows. We must be willing to  address “root issues” that hinder our relations. Light, which is wisdom, is what drives out darkness. Love is what drives out hate for self and others.

We believe that open and honest dialogue is a portal to change.  We encourage you to let your light shine and openly have this discussion with your girlfriends.  They need to hear your wisdom and your story of struggle and triumph.  Let the healing begin and  let’s propel sisterhood forward!

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Discussion Board: RealTalk-“My Sister’s Keeper”

Today, The Vine Events is hosting a RealTalk discussion titled “My Sister’s Keeper”. This discussion topic was recommended by one of our Facebook Fans after viewing Iyanla: Fix My Life episode featuring the Six Brown Chicks Blog Group. Today we plan to discuss the “root issues” that prevent some women from getting along with other women. We understand that what often manifest physically and emotionally are only the branches on the tree. To truly move forward in sisterhood we must honestly and openly deal with the “root”.

We also want to hear from you. Leave a reply below and let us know your thoughts on this topic. What do you believe are some root issues that hinder women from getting along with each other?

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Link to Iyanla: Fix My Life Episode –