Accented Glory – Our Sister Company

Accented Glory

Accented Glory

Accented Glory – Handcrafted Women’s Fashion Accessories

Online Store
Accented Glory is a handcrafted women’s fashion accessory brand. Our specialty is natural hair accessory and afrocentric jewelry designs. Visit our online shops to view our unique quality accents!

Accented Glory Naturals 
Accented Glory Naturals is an online community for naturals based in Salisbury, NC. Whether you’re considering, transitioning, or maintaining non-chemical altered hair, this community is for you! Join us on Facebook for natural hair care tips, styles, news, business and humor.

Accented Glory Naturals

Accented Glory Naturals

It’s A Party
We now offer ONLINE PARTIES! All you and your guest need is a computer, webcam, and headphones. Visit Host a Party for details. We also offer personal one-on-one showings of our products. Click Personal Showing to book your showing TODAY!

Accessory Diva
Check out our new blog post at  Accessory Diva! Accented Glory’s team member Cierra manages our blog and keeps us in the know about hair accessories, natural hair, and styling tips!

Tonya Cross – Accessory Designer

4 thoughts on “Accented Glory – Our Sister Company

  1. Omg!! I love these!! I can see each one in my hair, and my girls!!!

  2. monica woodward says:

    What a really nice product line. It has come just in time for me to buy some birthday presents

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