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We’re Growing – New Google + Community

We want to invite you to join our Google + Community at The Vine Events Chat Cafe. This is a new community where we discuss social issues with the intent of moving forward personally and collectively on the issues. Our current discussion topic is shadeism.  Shadeism (also known as colorism) is discrimination based on skin tones among members of the same community. We hosted a screening dialogue of documentary short “Shadeism” on February 16th and we’re giving those who couldn’t attend an opportunity to contribute to the discussion. So, click here and join the conversation!

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View “Shadeism” new documentary extension trailer below. Click here to contribute to their current production campaign.


Shadeism Screening Dialogue

The Vine Events Chat CafeJoin us for dinner and a movie on Saturday, February 16th at 6:30pm in Salisbury, NC.  The Vine Events Chat Cafe will be hosting a screening dialogue of “Shadeism”.

“Shadeism” is a documentary short film that introduces the issue of shadeism (also known as colorism); discrimination based on skin tones among members of the same community. The documentary explores shadeism origins and its affects within various cultures around the globe.  It also introduces how we can foster collective and personal healing through dialogue and discussion.

The cost of this event is $10/person. To reserve your seat click on “Donate” button below. Directions to event location will be emailed to those who RSVP so, please enter your email address on PayPal payment page.  **Note: You don’t need a Paypal Account to make payment.**

We want to hear from you. Have you ever experienced shadeism? What contributes to this aspect within your community/culture? Please leave your reply below. Thanks

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Facebook – TheVineEventPlanning
Twitter – TheVineEvents
Google+ – The Vine Events Chat Cafe

Three Lessons Learned

Business People Thumbs UpWow, another year is coming to an end! We would like to thank all our fans and followers for your support and making this year a success.  We have great things planned for 2013 and we’re looking forward to sharing them with you in the months to come.

Looking back over 2012, we just wanted to share “Three Lessons Learned” during our first full year in business.

1. Build A Community-Within our first full year in business, we learned the importance of community and have built a rapport with our fans, followers, and discussion participants.  The majority of our RealTalk discussion topics and features we added to our social network pages were suggested by our fans/followers.  All their suggestions enabled more interaction and intriguing dialogue within The Vine Events’ family.

2. Embrace Technology-Our team is truly thankful for the tools technology offers. HootSuite became our best friend during our first full year in business. We also connected with some wonderful people around the globe we probably would have never meet if it wasn’t for the wide reach technology offers.  Our connections with other small businesses through social networks was also very beneficial. They offered great advice and encouragement that facilitated our entrepreneur journey.

3. Building A Business Is A Process-The reality that building a business is a process set in early. Our team’s marketing and advertising skills was put to the test during our full first year. Our mindset going in was that we will learn from our mistakes and keep it moving. We didn’t allow pass failures to keep us from trying new and different tactics/techniques. We received much encouragement from other small business owners that was instrumental in keeping us pressing forward and for that we say thanks.

We hope you found our “Three Lessons Learned” to be helpful and encouraging.  We want to hear from you. What lessons have you learned during 2012? Please leave a reply in the comment box. Thanks.

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RealTalk – My Sister’s Keeper

Thanks to everyone who attended RealTalk – “My Sister’s Keeper” Dinner Chat! The combination of great dialogue and delicious food created a memorable evening.

Many of you who did not attend have personally shared your views with us on this topic. You all expressed the importance of having this conversation and how it’s a start to healing broken relationships among women. However when given an opportunity to share your perspective on our discussion boards, many of you hid in the shadows and remained silent.

As we ponder your choice not to share the wisdom you profoundly shared privately, we asked ourselves why you chose to hide in the shadows? The situation reminds us of a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr – Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

Ladies, in order to improve our relations with each other we must come out of the shadows. We must be willing to  address “root issues” that hinder our relations. Light, which is wisdom, is what drives out darkness. Love is what drives out hate for self and others.

We believe that open and honest dialogue is a portal to change.  We encourage you to let your light shine and openly have this discussion with your girlfriends.  They need to hear your wisdom and your story of struggle and triumph.  Let the healing begin and  let’s propel sisterhood forward!

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Discussion Board: RealTalk-“My Sister’s Keeper”

Today, The Vine Events is hosting a RealTalk discussion titled “My Sister’s Keeper”. This discussion topic was recommended by one of our Facebook Fans after viewing Iyanla: Fix My Life episode featuring the Six Brown Chicks Blog Group. Today we plan to discuss the “root issues” that prevent some women from getting along with other women. We understand that what often manifest physically and emotionally are only the branches on the tree. To truly move forward in sisterhood we must honestly and openly deal with the “root”.

We also want to hear from you. Leave a reply below and let us know your thoughts on this topic. What do you believe are some root issues that hinder women from getting along with each other?

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Link to Iyanla: Fix My Life Episode –

July: National Purposely Parenting Month

As we all know, parenting is a job that comes without an instruction manual. It’s a position that requires on the job training. The month of July commemorates National Purposely Parenting Month. This month we would like to encourage parents and guardians to strengthen the bond between themselves and their children regardless of their age.

Our first relational experience is with our parents. Parents have the ability to shape the lives of their children by establishing boundaries, instilling values, and building self-esteem. How most adults relate to others is usually a direct reflection of the relationship they had/have with their parents. Parents have to lead and teach through example. They cannot have expectations of their children that they’re not willing to assume for themselves.

Parents and guardians, during this month, engage in activities that will enhance your relationship with your children. It could be something as simple as sitting down and having dinner together. This time could be used to allow each family member to share their experiences of the day. For more family activity ideas please visit

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