Discussion Board: RealTalk-“My Sister’s Keeper”

Today, The Vine Events is hosting a RealTalk discussion titled “My Sister’s Keeper”. This discussion topic was recommended by one of our Facebook Fans after viewing Iyanla: Fix My Life episode featuring the Six Brown Chicks Blog Group. Today we plan to discuss the “root issues” that prevent some women from getting along with other women. We understand that what often manifest physically and emotionally are only the branches on the tree. To truly move forward in sisterhood we must honestly and openly deal with the “root”.

We also want to hear from you. Leave a reply below and let us know your thoughts on this topic. What do you believe are some root issues that hinder women from getting along with each other?

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Link to Iyanla: Fix My Life Episode – http://www.oprah.com/own-iyanla-fix-my-life/Iyanla-Fix-My-Backstabbing-Friends_1

9 thoughts on “Discussion Board: RealTalk-“My Sister’s Keeper”

  1. Sumababy says:

    My thoughts are that this is a generational issue. Women as children are sometimes not taught to uplift their female counterpart. As we grow into adult women taking on what was taught early on manifest into our adult lives. It affects our ability to interact in a positive manner that further constricts our own growth, leading us to look down on other women’s growth. It is not a jealousy issue, it is just plain not knowing that we are our sister’s keeper.

    There is so much that we each can have…we are all created equal and what is for one is the same for all. It is enough to go around and most of the time, women feel that if one progresses, she will forget about her sister. This is so not the case. It only takes one woman to reach back and grab the hand of her sister, so on and so forth.

    And to, some women are scared due to past experiences with women. Because one woman may have hurt us, does not mean all will do the same. We have to step out on faith and do what is right for each and every one regardless of where they are and what they have. Each and everyone of us has something to offer. If we band together we can move mountains!

    It takes sessions such as what The Vine has put on to shed light on this issue and many others so that we can move forward.



    • Thanks Sumababy for your comment. We agree that parents/families have a tremendous impact on shaping a child’s perspective. Unfortunately, some of those negative thought processes carry over into adulthood. Until the individual acknowledges and confronts it, the pattern continues and is pass down to the next generation.

  2. nicolefamfir says:

    We cannot let the research of Dr. Joy Leary and those of the documentary of Hidden Colors go to waste! We have a history of being abused, with no plans of healing, so imbedded in our everyday living and breathing that we have no clue as to how stuck we have become.

    Eighty-five percent of domestic violence victims are women and forty-four percent of those victims are under the age of 18. When did we have a chance to grow into healthy women?! Our history shows us the truth and we refuse to listen to it! I have to often keep myself from crying when I think of the things that women have to endure around the world just to live. Sex slavery at the the age of 11 is real in this country just as Human Trafficking is real around the world! Slavery is just as real today as it was when black women were being sold on auction blocks and raped repeatedly to when they were cleaning houses and raped by their “employers” in the 1900’s, very recently. We still have not acknowledged the healing we need from our history of slavery in the United States. And we are now separated more than ever from the best ally that we ever had, the black male. Now he too has become our perpetrator. We are not safe!!!

    In the 1960’s out-of-wedlock births for blacks in this country was 7.7 percent but by 1994 it hovered around 70 percent due to the Welfare Reform Act – the separation of the Black Family! Women had to hide their protector, the black man, their ally, the other half of their families foundation in order have an easier life during economic hardship.

    I now know why it is so hard for women to love each other, because they need some healing to love themselves!


    • WOW…Thanks Nicolefamfir for your comment! We agree that it’s difficult to love someone else if you don’t love yourself. Something that we’ve found to often be true is that HURTING people HURT people.

  3. D@Bo$$ says:

    Who is this lady and where did you find this video? very interesting.

    • Hi D@Bo$$! Iyanla Vanzant is an inspirational speaker, spiritual teacher, and author. She now has a show on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). The YouTube video clip is from her show Iyanla: Fix My Life episode featuring the Six Brown Chicks Blog Group.

    • D@Bo$$, what are your thoughts about our discussion topic? We want to hear from you.

    • Thanks PastorBJ for your comment and we’re glad you liked our post! We would love to hear your thoughts on our discussion topic. What are some “root issues” that you think hinder women from getting along with one another?

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