How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Ecommerce Business

Be sure to check out my interview with Authority Magazine! I share about how to use social media to grow your e-commerce business. Click on Authority Magazine Feature to read.

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How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Ecommerce Business

February Topic – Product Launch

The Vine Events - Product Launch

February Topic – Product Launch

Digital Marketing On A Budget (DMOB) is my Facebook support group for entrepreneurs. We’re a group of forty plus aged women that are not too tech savvy! We are collectively navigating through digital marketing by sharing free and low cost marketing resources that are user friendly.

DMOB is kicking off 2019 with our February Topic Product Launch. Each week, we will focus on a single task to prep for a launch. We believe in taking “Baby Steps”. If you fit our group demographics, I invite you to join us by clicking here.

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RealTalk – Self Segregation

On Sunday, July 22, 2012, The Vine Event Planning hosted its fourth discussion in its Real Talk-Taboo Series at the Southern City Community Development center in East Spencer, NC.

A group of people gathered to discuss the issue of self-segregation and how it affects their lives. The group was split into three subgroups which were facilitated by Nicole Sherrill-Corry, Ph.D.; Latesha Smith, MBA; and Minster Kay Boyd.

Dr. Sherrill-Corry discussed with her group the primary reasons why people choose to segregate themselves from other groups. Some of these reasons included being comfortable with one’s own race, level of education and tradition.

Smith led a group discussion that asked its participates to think about their social network outside of work and what they share in common with these people. Most of the group members found that they had interests, hobbies, and religions in common. However, this discussion spiraled into one that questioned self-segregation found within school systems. A college and high school student attending the event, shared their personal experiences with self-segregation at their schools.

Minister Boyd ‘s group talked about self-segregation within the faith community. Boyd provided two case studies that demonstrated how the absence of self-segregation can be detrimental to a congregation. For example, a black Presbyterian church that is under the authority of a predominately white Presbyterian church struggled to raise money and depended on the main church for funding. In contrast, a black Baptist church was able to grow and raise their own money because they had autonomy over how they ran their congregation.

“Self-segregation is still a prevalent issue, so what can we do to make it better,” Dr. Sherrill-Corry asked. Smith and Boyd asked the same question and all three facilitators stressed the importance of the community being able to come together and tackle the negative effects of this issue.

The Vine Event Planning’s next RealTalk-Taboo Series event will be on Tuesday, August 21st, 2012. It will be a LIVE online event discussing the impact of reality television on the image of women. The event moderator will be Nicole Daniels, who is a licensed clinical marriage and family therapist. Nicole owns and operates Family First Psychotherapy Services LLC (FFPS) in White Plains, Maryland. For more information about FFPS and their services, visit their website at

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