We’re Growing – New Google + Community

We want to invite you to join our Google + Community at The Vine Events Chat Cafe. This is a new community where we discuss social issues with the intent of moving forward personally and collectively on the issues. Our current discussion topic is shadeism.  Shadeism (also known as colorism) is discrimination based on skin tones among members of the same community. We hosted a screening dialogue of documentary short “Shadeism” on February 16th and we’re giving those who couldn’t attend an opportunity to contribute to the discussion. So, click here and join the conversation!

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View “Shadeism” new documentary extension trailer below. Click here to contribute to their current production campaign.


January: National Staying Healthy Month

Happy New Year! Have you decided what your New Year resolution will be? Since January is National Staying Healthy Month, how about striving for overall wellness? When we think of health, often we instantly think of physical health but, according to http://www.definitionofwellness.com there are ten (10) dimensions of wellness: social, occupational, spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, environmental, financial, mental, and medical.

You are your greatest asset and your goal for 2012 should be to become a better and healthier you. We encourage you to choose one of the dimensions of wellness to start improving on today. Check out this link to the National Wellness Institute site which offers a free online wellness assessment http://www.nationalwellness.org/index.php?id_tier=91&id_c=55. After you review your assessment results, you’ll have a better idea of which wellness dimension you should target.

For steps to reach some of the dimensions of wellness, check out the video below.

This year be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to health and wellness; think preventive. Allow your thought process to be, what can I do in the dimension I choose to stay healthy, prevent illness, and prolong my life? Start the new year off on the right foot, and embrace the idea of improving your health and wellness during National Staying Healthy Month.

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