Affirmations for a Woman on a Mission Journal

UPDATE: Pre-order has ended, however you can still purchase a journal directly from me at! – Tonya Cross, Co-Author

Activ8te Your Vision – Vision Board Gathering

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The Vine Events has partnered with Staci Moore of AMarketersLounge and TheOper8ter to host Activ8te Your Vision – Global Vision Board Gathering! This amazing virtual event is taking place on October 31st – November 1st.

Activ8te Your Vision

What is it?
A two-day, Global Virtual Vision Board Gathering that is designed to deliver clarity, focus, and alignment to allow you to decide, with the intention to Activ8te and Manifest. Certainly, we are going to provide a path and clearer vision to see your goals and dreams become a reality by providing you with the prescriptions you need because we believe you’re worth it! Over a dozen speakers will be giving you the remedies for what ales you in business, mind, body & lifestyle. So hit the button. Act NOW and click Activ8te to register! And share it with a friend!

Who is it for?
Women between the ages of 25 – 50 that have visions for the future but just don’t know how to turn their dreams into reality. These women are looking for clarity and are tired of trying to figure it out by themselves or don’t know-how. Some of these women are personally, professionally, and spiritually broken. They need someone to reach them where they are and move them forward. And some women have created vision boards that just remained a vision because they just couldn’t stay focused on their day-to-day operations that are not in alignment with their goals and dreams.

What are we providing?
20+ Power Partners providing Clarity/Focus/Alignment concentrating on the Pillars of Mind/Body/Lifestyle/Business. Come join us for the accountability and guidance you’ve been missing. Click Activ8te to register!

Tonya Cross – Workshop Facilitator


Are You Really Living Your Best Life?

Women with natural hair chatting.

Let’s get and be real my peeps. Are you really living your best life? Are you experiencing a life of abundance? If you answered NO to either of these questions, no worries and I got you. I’m here to drop some gems on how to live abundantly!

Click Are You Really Living Your Best Life to finish reading my gems on Medium.

Tonya Cross – Co-Author, Our Stories His Glory


Three Secrets to Making Better Choices

We all have been at the crossroads of making a decision. Having to choose which direction to go in and being stagnated by the inability to make a decision. What holds us back from making the choice? Nine times out of ten, it’s fear of making the wrong choice. So, we take comfort in indecision and don’t make a choice at all. No decision is better than the wrong decision…Right?

Click Three Secrets to Making Better Choices to finish reading on Medium!

Tonya Cross – Co-Author, Our Stories, His Glory


Our Stories, His Glory Book Release

Our Stories, His Glory book ad with book cover and featuring contributing author Tonya Miller Cross.
Tonya Cross – Co-Author

My new book has pre-launched! Our Stories, His Glory book anthology contain stories of victory from very transparent contributing authors including myself. This awesome project is led by Visionary Author Laticia Nicole Beatty. The ladies and gentleman in this book compilation have powerful stories that will bless you!

The title of my chapter is “Choose Life”. I share how I overcame various obstacles and is now living an abundant life. Purchase the book and learn how you can experience abundance as well!

To purchase #OSHS during the pre-sale visit and click on my name Tonya Miller Cross to order. Books will be available May 23rd! Cost is $24.95 and includes shipping. 

Tonya Cross – Co-Author, Our Stories, His Glory

P.S. WOW…The BIG 5-0 is just around the corner! In honor of my birthday, I’ve decided to giveaway one of Our Stories, His Glory books. Click Birthday Giveaway for details on how to enter to WIN. Giveaway will take place May 2nd!

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For The Love of Men

We’re hosting “For The Love of Men” on Saturday, July 30th at 1pm EST. This event is for women who have fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, and/or nephews of color. We will have a conversation about loving the men in our lives, knowing our rights, and the importance of restoring and replenishing ourselves. Visit our Facebook event link for more details: **This program is not sponsored by Rowan Public Library** #ForTheLoveOfMen #LovingOurMen #KnowingOurRights #SelfCare #TheVineEvents #TheVillage #TheTimeIsNow

Tectonic Impact of Conversation

img_5973Below is a Facebook post shared by one of our Peace Circle community partners Pastor Anthony Smith of Mission House. We felt like our readers would enjoy it!

In a world full of injustice we rightfully long for change now. Not just any kind of change but big change. When I consider this need for big change I think about natural occurrences that represent big changes to the landscape of our world. Like tsunamis and earthquakes. Natural events like these alter our world in profound ways.


Before there are tsunamis and earthquakes there are the unseen subtle shifts in tectonic plates under the ocean. Seemingly insignificant and unnoticed.

So it is with the community transformation that we long for. We long for the big changes that will turn things around. And we often undervalue the small seemingly insignificant tectonic shifts and movement needed to create the big change.

This is how I see ‪#‎PeaceCircle‬. Peace Circle is tectonic movement. It is the calling forth of meaningful, challenging, and hospitable dialogue that helps create the Big Change we want to see in the world. No tectonic shift no tsunamis nor earthquakes.

Tsunamis and earthquakes don’t just happen!

This is a hard sell in a world of instant gratification. But what must be remembered is that patient conversation after conversation seeds of deep transformation are being sown in our community.

I really want you to consider being a part of this tectonic movement called Peace Circle convened by our lead organizer Tonya Cross of The Vine Events.

It’s easy to make light of and undervalue conversation among fellow community members. But history teaches us that major social change was started by such conversations.

See you at this upcoming Peace Circle!

#PeaceCircle ‪#‎TheVineEvents‬ ‪#‎MeanMugCoffee‬ ‪#‎ArmyOfLove

Pastor Anthony Smith

Follow Mission House on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, and iTunes Podcast.

**We host Peace Circle every first Tuesday at 6:30pm EST at Mean Mug Coffee, Salisbury, NC.**

Embracing Community Diversity

20140612-225722-82642087.jpgWhat happens when a community with a common faith and goal join together? You get a Community Based Ministry Café. On Saturday, May 17, 2014, community leaders from various faith denominations gathered at New Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Salisbury, NC to learn how to engage the community through ministry. As part of the Café, our very own Tonya Cross led an hour long workshop called Embracing Community Diversity: A panel discussion of race, justice and beloved community. This workshop consisted of a panel including Tonya, Deseré Cross and Evelyn Medina.

The purpose of the workshop was to address barriers in the community that prevent people of different backgrounds from working together. Each panelist addressed a different barrier. Tonya talked about self-segregation, suggesting that one reason why communities have a hard time creating change is because within a community, people self-segregate themselves, meaning they separate themselves from others who do not look like them or have the same beliefs.

The second panelist, Deseré, talked about stereotypes. Stereotypes are assumptions people make about a group of people based on preconceived notions. Deseré suggested the best way to combat stereotypes is to be aware of the assumptions you have about certain groups of people and to not allow those assumptions to prevent you from interacting with new and different groups of people.

Evelyn, the third panelist, shared her personal story about how she ensures her children are exposed to different cultures. Her story sparked a conversation about how non-exposure to different cultures can act as a barrier to your willingness to work with people who are different from you.

A fourth panelist, who was unable to make it, was to discuss how language also serves as a barrier that prevents people from working together with people from different backgrounds. Although the panelist who was to cover this topic was unable to attend, the barrier was still brought up in conversation and was addressed by Tonya and Evelyn.

Overall, the workshop was a success and received good reviews from participants in the Café. Special thanks to all of our panelists and participants who contributed to a wonderful discussion about barriers in our community that can prevent us from collectively building our community. As you live your daily lives, we encourage you to mingle outside the box, be aware of stereotypes, and expose yourself to new people and things.


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Cesar Chavez Movie Community Screening

Cesar Chavez Movie Screening Cesar Chavez Movie Community Screening

The Vine Events partnered with Community Based Ministry Cafe’ (CBMC) to host a community screening of Cesar Chavez Movie. Cesar Chavez was a civil rights leader and labor organizer who embraced non-violence as he battled greed and prejudice to bring dignity to people. “Embracing Community Diversity” team hosted the event as a precursor to their breakout session at CBMC that will address overcoming cultural barriers that hinder inclusiveness. Our keynote speaker for CBMC will be Alexia Salvatierra, author of Faith-Rooted Organizing. Join us for CBMC on Saturday, May 17th by registering here.


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Our specialty is informative events such as, Q&A parties, screening dialogues, interpersonal workshops, and community forums. We offer both face-to-face and online event designs. Contact us today for a “free” consultation for your next meeting/event.


We Continue To Move Forward

TVEPLogo1-originalsize (2)Happy New Year! 2013 was a great year for The Vine Events and we plan to continue with our theme “Moving Forward”. Our focus will remain on community development and we will address issues that hinder us from “moving forward”. The community forums we have scheduled for 2014 will provide an opportunity for our guest to speak and most importantly listen to others, so that we can establish some resolve for progression. Below is a schedule of our events up to April. Follow us on WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter to stay updated on dates, times, and locations.

January – Moving Forward: Don’t Believe The Hype – We will host a community dialogue about consumerism on Saturday, January 25th at 5pm at Westridge Place Clubhouse, 100 Donner Drive, Salisbury, NC. We will discuss media’s manipulation of consumers and importance of financial literacy.

February – Prince Among Slaves – We will host a screening of “Prince Among Slaves” for Black History Month.  It is a true story about an African prince, Abdul Rahman, enslaved in the American South. This documentary introduces the fact that African American History does not begin with slavery, but expands beyond to the great continent of Africa.

March – African Presence in the Bible – We’ll continue our celebration of Black History Month with reading of Bishop J.W. Hood book “The Centennial of African Methodism”.  Bishop Hood was one of the founders of Livingstone College and Hood Theological Seminary was named after him. (Both institutions are located in Salisbury, NC.) Our reading will focus on chapter two of his book. Click here to read.

April – Holy Lockdown: Does the Church Limit Black Progress – We will host a book reading of Jeremiah Camara’s book, “Holy Lockdown”.  The book explores the impact of the Black church on the Black psyche. We’ll openly address how the Black church can use it’s influence in progressing community and economic development. This will be an online weekly discussion via video starting April 15th at 9pm EST.  Visit here to purchase the book.


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Our specialty is informative events such as, Q&A parties, screening dialogues, interpersonal workshops, and community forums. We offer both face-to-face and online event designs. Contact us today for a “free” consultation for your next meeting/event.