Tectonic Impact of Conversation

img_5973Below is a Facebook post shared by one of our Peace Circle community partners Pastor Anthony Smith of Mission House. We felt like our readers would enjoy it!

In a world full of injustice we rightfully long for change now. Not just any kind of change but big change. When I consider this need for big change I think about natural occurrences that represent big changes to the landscape of our world. Like tsunamis and earthquakes. Natural events like these alter our world in profound ways.


Before there are tsunamis and earthquakes there are the unseen subtle shifts in tectonic plates under the ocean. Seemingly insignificant and unnoticed.

So it is with the community transformation that we long for. We long for the big changes that will turn things around. And we often undervalue the small seemingly insignificant tectonic shifts and movement needed to create the big change.

This is how I see ‪#‎PeaceCircle‬. Peace Circle is tectonic movement. It is the calling forth of meaningful, challenging, and hospitable dialogue that helps create the Big Change we want to see in the world. No tectonic shift no tsunamis nor earthquakes.

Tsunamis and earthquakes don’t just happen!

This is a hard sell in a world of instant gratification. But what must be remembered is that patient conversation after conversation seeds of deep transformation are being sown in our community.

I really want you to consider being a part of this tectonic movement called Peace Circle convened by our lead organizer Tonya Cross of The Vine Events.

It’s easy to make light of and undervalue conversation among fellow community members. But history teaches us that major social change was started by such conversations.

See you at this upcoming Peace Circle!

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Pastor Anthony Smith

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**We host Peace Circle every first Tuesday at 6:30pm EST at Mean Mug Coffee, Salisbury, NC.**

Peace Circle – What’s Your Role In The Village? 

Peace CircleThe Vine Events has partnered with other local businesses and organizations to create the Peace Circle. The Peace Circle is held every first Tuesday of the month at Mean Mug Coffee, 1024 S. Fulton Street, Salisbury, NC at 6:30pm. The Peace Circle creates a safe space for open and honest dialogue about social divides within our community.

We’re hosting parent/child workshop sessions this September that address how systemic racism, discrimination, and stereotypes impacts our community. The workshop facilitator will be Carla Marlin Smith; a Parent Engagement Specialist with Chapel Hill-Carboro City Schools. The workshops are for 7th-10th grade (12-15 years old) youth.

Our first workshop kick offs TUESDAY, September 15th at 6:30pm at Center for Faith and the Arts! Because limited space is available, please register at our Eventbrite Page to attend. See below for workshop sessions agenda.

What’s Your Role In The Village?
Center for Faith and the Arts
207 W. Harrison St
Salisbury, NC 28144
(Located behind/below Haven Lutheran Church)

Workshop I: Tuesday, September 15th at 6:30pm
Subject: What’s Your Role In The Village?
Audience: Community Members/Parents (Maximum Participants 30)

Workshop II: Saturday, September 19th 9am – 1pm
Subject: Stereotypes and Art Project
Audience: Youth of Color 7th – 10th grade (12-15 years old – Maximum Participants 20). Parents need to participate in Workshop I.

Panel Discussion/Gallery Walk: Tuesday, September 22nd 6:30pm
Subject: Importance of Counternarratives
Audience: Community Members/Parents/Youth Workshop Participants

**We’re asking for donations from the community to supply art supplies and lunch for youth and travel expenses. Click here to support. Thanks!**


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