Shadeism Screening Dialogue

The Vine Events Chat CafeJoin us for dinner and a movie on Saturday, February 16th at 6:30pm in Salisbury, NC.  The Vine Events Chat Cafe will be hosting a screening dialogue of “Shadeism”.

“Shadeism” is a documentary short film that introduces the issue of shadeism (also known as colorism); discrimination based on skin tones among members of the same community. The documentary explores shadeism origins and its affects within various cultures around the globe.  It also introduces how we can foster collective and personal healing through dialogue and discussion.

The cost of this event is $10/person. To reserve your seat click on “Donate” button below. Directions to event location will be emailed to those who RSVP so, please enter your email address on PayPal payment page.  **Note: You don’t need a Paypal Account to make payment.**

We want to hear from you. Have you ever experienced shadeism? What contributes to this aspect within your community/culture? Please leave your reply below. Thanks

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9 thoughts on “Shadeism Screening Dialogue

  1. MICHAEL CROSS says:

    My takeaway from this event was that Shadeism is still alive in all of our communites. Not just the African American community. As parents and leaders of our community we must instill a sense of identity and pride in our youth. Self confidence is at an all time low because as adults, we are allowing the youth to tell us what is and is not acceptable. We must encourage our young people to embrace their differences. To accept the individual characteristics about themselves that make them unique and beautiful. We can no longer allow perspective of others (Europeans) to define beauty for our community.

    • Hi Michael! Thanks for your reply and we agree; parents have the ability to shape their children’s self perspective. We need to encourage our children to embrace what makes them unique instead of persuading them to “blend in” and not “stand out”.

  2. GNC says:

    I enjoyed the documentary and the discussion. The food was very tasty too!

  3. Cierra says:

    I really enjoyed the discussion and from it I learned that not just African Americans deal with discrimination amongst their own race because of their shade of skin.

    • Hi Cierra! Thanks for your comment and we’re glad that you enjoyed the discussion. When researching the topic, we were surprise to find that shadeism was a global phenomenon as well.

  4. D@Bo$$ says:

    Thanks for hosting this event! I really enjoyed the conversation. Thinking about shadeism as an issue that affects our community is the first step to conquering this issue. Seeing how shadeism affects races other than the African American race was also insightful. This is a collective issue among brown races. Can’t wait until the next event!

    • Hi D@Bo$$! Thanks for you comment and we agree that the first step to overcoming an issue is to acknowledge it. If you have any discussion topics you’ll like for us to discuss please let us know.

  5. Please support Shadeism’s new documentary extension. Click on link to view trailer of “Shadeism: Digging Deeper” and to make a donation. Thanks.

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