Marketing Challenge

I’m launching a marketing challenge in my Facebook group Digital Marketing On A Budget! We’ll meet weekly on TUESDAYS at 9pm EST. Together we’re going to develop a marketing plan for your brand, business, organization, or book!

We’re going to walk through my Strategypreneur™ Planner – An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success in 90 Days.

My planner is divided into 3 months:

Month 1: Map Your Plan

Month 2: Implement Your Plan

Month 3: Evaluate Your Plan

Each month is broken down into four weeks. Each week you have ONE (1) easy doable task to complete! At the end of each week and month there’s also an assessment to measure your progress.

Imagine what your engagement or sales results would be like when you finally create a marketing plan! You’ll gain brand visibility and learn how to convert your followers into customers.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, I invite you to join my Facebook group Digital Marketing On A Budget to get the deets! My group is for creative women entrepreneurs who have decided to turn their hobby or expertise into a business. Join me and let’s grow together.

Creating content that connects!

Tonya – Strategypreneur™ Coach