Moving Forward – “Don’t Believe The Hype”

Legacy Month

Thanks to everyone who attended our community dialogue “Don’t Believe The Hype”. Media outlets use propaganda to influence how and where we spend our money. Our facilitators, Anthony Smith, Tatia Seward, and Desere Cross, encouraged us to be media literate and consider source of information and purpose. They also emphasized the importance of financial literacy which is an understanding of money; how to make, manage, and invest it. In moving our community forward, it was emphasized that we must start using our buying power to sow back into our community. We learned that as consumers we are job creators and was encouraged to sow our dollars into local small businesses and organizations.

We also reviewed a citizen driven job creation model by a community similar to our own. The citizens of this model came together, sat down, and determined what made their community unique and what resources they already had to build on.  Collectively we considered the same things and came up with ideas of how we can network together to create jobs within our community as well.

Our first community dialogue of 2014 was a catalyst for a citizen driven community development plan. We identified one another’s gifts and talents and how we could utilize them in developing a strategy for our community. We chose not to believe the “hype” and to move forward.

Anthony Smith is the Pastor of Mission House located in Salisbury, NC.
Tatia Seward is a local Community Organizer in Salisbury, NC.
Desere’ Cross is a Journalism/Communications Major at UNC-CH


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