August: What Will Be Your Legacy?

August - What Will Be Your Legacy MonthHow do you question your legacy? Before you make decisions, do you consider how your actions will affect others? Do you weigh the impact that your choices will have on the future generations? If you don’t ponder these questions daily, then August will be the perfect month to start. August is “What Will Be Your Legacy” month. It is a time to examine the effectiveness of your life and plan what will be your legacy.

Leaving behind a legacy can be simple. You don’t have to succeed at ensuring world peace, or single handily solving world issues. Nor do you have to possess something tangible of great value to pass on to your descendants. You can leave a legacy simply by being a good friend or example. You never know who is watching you, or who you will inspire with your actions. To imprint your legacy upon others, merely live life to its fullest, take advantage of opportunities, and watch how you change lives one positive action at a time.

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