Cyber-baiting a Phenomenon On The Rise

Recently, where I live, there was an incident involving a high school teacher and student. The situation occurred in the classroom when the teacher was leading a discussion. During the dialogue, an accusation that Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, was a bully during his youth arose. The student claimed that President Barack Obama was a bully too, along with other comments that unsettled the teacher. Part of the exchange between the teacher and student was recorded on a cellphone and posted on YouTube. The teacher is currently on suspension as the school district investigates the situation.

This event has sparked a sudden interest in the phenomenon of cyber-baiting. What is cyber-baiting you may ask? The technical definition of the term is when a student irritates or baits a teacher until they get so frustrated that they yell and/or have a breakdown. The student films the incident on a cell phone and posts the footage online. A report from Norton, an internet security program, found that one fifth of teachers have been the victim of or knew of a colleague who had experienced cyber-baiting.

As my community moves forward in resolving this incident, I hope that those leading our school district will be fair and objective. As the phenomenon of cyber-baiting continues to rise, policies, procedures, and training needs to be put into place and enforced in order to avoid similar situations. For more information on cyber-baiting at high school and collegiate level check out this article at

Cierra Cross
West Rowan High School Senior

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    Very Nice and informative article, Ciera ! Thank you !

    • Thanks Mrs. Hart! We’re glad you found Ms. Cross article to be informative. You can help us reach more people with our awareness campaign by sharing link to this blog with others. Again, thanks.

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