July: National Purposely Parenting Month

As we all know, parenting is a job that comes without an instruction manual. It’s a position that requires on the job training. The month of July commemorates National Purposely Parenting Month. This month we would like to encourage parents and guardians to strengthen the bond between themselves and their children regardless of their age.

Our first relational experience is with our parents. Parents have the ability to shape the lives of their children by establishing boundaries, instilling values, and building self-esteem. How most adults relate to others is usually a direct reflection of the relationship they had/have with their parents. Parents have to lead and teach through example. They cannot have expectations of their children that they’re not willing to assume for themselves.

Parents and guardians, during this month, engage in activities that will enhance your relationship with your children. It could be something as simple as sitting down and having dinner together. This time could be used to allow each family member to share their experiences of the day. For more family activity ideas please visit http://www.ehow.com/info_7895695_list-activities-family.html.

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