Not One Of Your Lil Friends

Tonya & Cierra - Not One Of Your Lil Friends

Tonya & Cierra – Not One Of Your Lil Friends Photographer: Ash Love

Not One Of Your Lil Friends is a podcast that I launched with my middle daughter Cierra! It’s an unconventional conversation between a mother and daughter about lifestyle, pop culture, and social issues. My side of the conversation is coming from a mother of three adult children that’s navigating my new relationship as mother and confidant. My daughter is a millennial that has begun the journey of young adulthood. We’re openly sharing about our transitions while bridging the gap between two generations! Listen to our podcasts below.

Tonya – Visionary of The Vine Events and Accented Glory


Introduction – Episode 1
Our Gift – Episode 2
Pray For Em – Episode 3
The Black Agenda – Episode 4